Between time and place – Karum Creevagh work on performance and ritual in Kilshanny. 10-15 June 2019, Ireland. Public sharing, Thursday 13 June

Karum, the group of archaeologists and artists from Sweden visited Clare for a week of building connections with their partners Creevagh Art and Archaeology Collective and also with the landscape and people of Kilshanny.
Exploring themes of interconnectivity as a process and researching ritualizing the landscape as an interdisciplinary method.

The week began with a visit to Lemenagh castle (built 15th and 17th century). The tour was lead by Ros O Maolduin with many stories of the O’Brien family and Máire Rúa. We then visited a nearby barrow where Ros spoke of recent archaeological excavations, findings and speculation. Back at Kilshanny House, Ros continued his presentation and spoke more of his the progress of archaeology/choreography project which he is working on in partnership with Mary Nunam.

During the day we also made a presentation to Kilshanny national school to introduce the Karum Creevagh project to the children and their teacher.

On Wednesday we were hosted by Deirdre Carr at her art studio and there were presentations by Gunilla, Anna-Karin and Kristina on their processes focusing on relation to place and time, and interesting group discussion on ethics, processes, methods and issues arising … what do we mean by multitemporal and the ritualization of landscape etc.
In the evening we moved to the Lahinch estuary where we carried out our group performance of welcoming the Karum group to Clare in direct response to the choreographed ritual dance recently performed at the Karum site in Öland.

On Thursday, Danny Burke gave a presentation on his recent visit to Meghalaya in northeastern India.
He gave a fascinating account of tribal heritage, traditional monuments and burial sites plus and explanation of the unique matrilineal system where the lineage and inheritance are traced through the female line; the youngest daughter inherits all wealth and she also takes care of her parents. Danny then brought us on a tour of Kilfenora Cathedral (build late 11th and 18th century) famous for it’s richly decorated stone high crosses.

In the afternoon, Maria Kerin performed an embodied movement dance accompanied by Danny Burke on the flute. The performance took place in the landscape under a bridge by the river Dealagh and connected with myths related to water.

That evening at Kilshanny house there was a well attended public meeting where Bodil Petersson introduced the overall Karum Creevagh project in the Kilshanny area. Michael Walsh also gave a brief photo slide show of his project documenting domestic bathtubs which are now used as cattle water troughs. Next, Hans Gurstad-Nilsson introduced his music and video composition which he had made of the Karum ritual dance which was choreographed by Maria Kerin. The video was all based on drone footage of the ritual dance performed on a Viking burial site and stone monument in the shape of a Viking ship. A key element in the music was the sound of the participants knocking stones in an intriguing rhythm. The audience was clearly delighted by the quality and emotion both the music and the video.

Friday was the final day and there were presentations from Patricia on her exploration of the amber connection and also from Anne on her works in Öland.



Public sharing, Thursday 13 June

Between time and place –
Karum Creevagh work on performance and ritual in Kilshanny

You are invited to a presentation on
Karum Creevagh art and archaeology,
Kilshanny House, Kilshanny, Co. Clare
Thursday, 13th June, 7.30pm-9pm. 

A community gathering, with a presentation given by Karum Creevagh: an introduction to experimental heritage by Dr Bodil Petersson and presentations giving examples of interdisciplinary work in progress by Hans Gustard-Neilson, Danny Burke and Maria Kerin (with a screening of Karum short film upstairs).

Especially invited are the people of Kilshanny, all welcome to this free cultural heritage meeting.
Our thanks to Mary and Aiden at Kilshanny House for hosting Karum Creevagh.
For more information, please contact Maria Kerin on or 087 771 1033

Kilshanny House invitation

The Swedish- Irish project Karum Creevagh involves archaeologists and artists including Clare artists Deirdre Carr, Maria Kerin and Danny Burke, Doolin based archaeologist, with Dr. Ros O’Maolduin, Dr. Stefan Bergh, Dr. Mary Nunan, Michael Walsh and Patricia Mckenna with 8 Swedish artists and archaeologists. We aim to establish a transdisciplinary and translocal practice of Experimental Heritage in a Swedish-Irish context over the next 4 years. Situated simultaneously in western Ireland in Kilshanny, the Burren and south-eastern Sweden – landscapes both similar and different, we are focusing on water and stone with emphasis on movement. 

This unique process explores new ways of combining art, archaeology and heritage within these landscapes. It encourages approaches and perspectives concerning how the past matters to us in the present and might have an impact on the future.

The project work includes collaborations with people from local communities in each country contributing to the explorations with their perspectives, experiences and stories. is the website outlining our process and all those participating.

To commence this engagement with the Kilshanny community we will host an information evening in Kilshanny House next Thursday the 13th June, 7.30 pm – 9 pm. Our Swedish colleagues will be in North Clare for the week 11–15 June working with us in the landscape and would welcome the opportunity to meet people of Kilshanny and surrounds. 

Dr. Bodil Petersson will give an introductory presentation of the project with insights from Danny Burke. A preview of a film by composer Hans Gurstad-Nilsson will be screened and he will discuss his process with choreographer Maria Kerin. There will be time for feedback and personal introductions at this informal gathering. We are very grateful to Mary and Aiden for hosting this community sharing at the Kilshanny House.

All welcome to this free event!


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